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Dibru College Alumni Association formed in 2003 with bold initiative of Mrs. Jyoti Borgohain, then Principal of Dibru College under the president Prof. Pradeep Kr. Chetia Phukan and secretary Sri Pranab Das along with an executive body consisting of 15 members. Apart from playing a pivotal role in establishing a common platform among the current and passed out students, the association has been active in organising and carrying out many activities. Some of the key highlights of the association's activities are mentioned below -

  • Tree Plantation within and surroundings of college campus
  • b. Academic carrier counselling and health counselling
  • c. Blood testing and donation camps.
  • d. Financial help towards the needy students.

In the Golden Jubilee year, 2014 the alumni association rose to the occasion with several essential steps. One of being publishing a souvenir named 'Dibrujyoti'. With gracious financial contribution of the members, the association was further strengthen and aimed to take many important initiatives. Every year alumni meet is one of the key attractions of the association where last alumni meet, 2021 conducted after two years of gap had rejuvenated the students to keep alive their memories. One of the noted alumni of the college Sri Krishnamoni Chutia performed a live show on the occasion.