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            Cleanliness in college campus is one worth mentioning good practice in our college. The main aim of this practice is to keep the college campus green and clean. Because, Dibru College family believes in sound learning in green campus.

Further, through this greening and cleanliness practice, efforts are made to create awareness among the students to live with nature. They are taught to treat environment as their friend.

The last aim of this practice is to aware the student community regarding the conservation aspects of nature.

The Context

In the recent time, the nature is being destroyed rapidly due to excessive use. Therefore, it is immensely important to preserve the nature in all possible ways. When a student learns about the conservation of nature, he/she can also help his family and neighbourhood by making them aware about the importance of nature.

Therefore, Dibru College family has made humble attempt to aware the student about the importance of nature through its “CLEAN AND GREEN” practice. Even though the conservation of nature is challenging in modern times it can be possible only by educating the students and involving them practically in the field.

The Practice

It is this idea of ‘CLEAN AND GREEN’ which we want to inculcate in Dibruans so that they take responsibility in themselves to make their surroundings clean.

  • Holding awareness camp on conservation of nature from time to time.
  • Planting trees in campus and in different local schools in association with the respective school. We also seek advice and help from different organization like Assam Science Society etc.
  • Enough number of dustbins are placed in the college campus.
  • Vermicompost unit for disposing college organic waste.
  • Celebration of important dates related to our best practice.
Problems encountered and Resources Required
  • Since the town where our college is situated is prone to flood. Sometimes different useful plants are destroyed by the flood water.
  • Greenery and Cleanliness can be more effective and extensive if we associate with NGOs or institutions having expertise in respective field. Efforts are being made to tie up with NGOs or institutions.
  • Due to lack of awareness, the bamboo protection cover for the sapling is destroyed before the plant attains a safe height.




To provide a good platform to the audience and especially the young students to interact with an eminent person who graces the occasion as the invited speaker.

For this programme, the college aims to have such a person a a Guest Speaker who has made a significant contribution to their field of work whether humanities, science, music, drama, sports and so on and at the same time has contributed towards the betterment of the society.

The Context

The annual lecture series seeks to inform, promote and also contribute to the ongoing debate on any field of humanities, science, music, drama, sports and so on.

The target audience for the programme includes academicians (both retired as well as those presently in service), professionals and other persons from Dibrugarh who are interested in such programmes, besides the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college and the students of the host college a well as interested students from various academic institutions of Dibrugarh.

The Practice

The program organised annually at a date which is convenient for both the speaker and the students.

  • A Committee within the members from IQAC Committee is formed for organizing the programme.
  • A general meeting including teaching staff, non-teaching staff, student representative is conveyed for discussion about the programme.
  • Students from nearby colleges are also invited for the programme.
  • A special time slot is keep for interaction with the invited speaker by the students.
Problems encountered and resource constraints
  • Due to busy schedule of the guest speaker, sometimes, it is difficult to get the speaker.
  • Due to resource constraints, it is not yet possible to invite international speaker.